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We are currently looking for 120 students/athletes who practice SOCCER–TENNIS–VOLLEYBALL-BASKETBAL-GOLF for our International Showcase.

The athletes will compete in our Showcase that is held annually in July.

During the past years we have celebrated it in Florida and Cancun. This year Cancun will be again our headquarters for the 2021 Showcase.

While the athletes demonstrate their sports skills, they are observed by more than 40 on-site Universities and 60 Universities by our live streaming of the event..

SIS provides the opportunity for all students with sports talent to realize their dream and obtain GUARANTEED scholarships to study and compete in Universities across the US.

SIS guarantees a minimum offer of 5 athletic/academic scholarships to all participants of the Showcase Program between 50% and 100% including studies, accommodation, meals and sports.


  • Be a high school student, University or Higher Degree (courses can be transferred).
  • Submit the admission form.
  • Be an amateur athlete in soccer, basketball, tennis or golf.
  • Be between 16 and 26 years old.


  • Personal interviews and orientation.
  • Student athlete online profile
  • Student Academic Documentation Evaluation
  • Scholarship Report
  • Assistance and follow-up in the process of admission with the University of your choice, I-20 and VISA F1 assistance



Program Benefits

Zero Risk Policy for its participants
The Program maintains 100% effectiveness in obtaining scholarships.
All-Inclusive Program
The SIS scholarship programs offer students an all-inclusive program: Campus housing, Meal plan and Studies, which offers prospects a well-being within their experience in the United States.
Degree with international recognition
Higher education institutions in the United States seek to obtain professional certification from the different governing bodies. These schools earn certification by meeting certain criteria, helping to ensure a quality education, as well as a degree that is recognized by employers around the world, to ensure academic prestige.
Growth and personal experience
Student International Sport is the organization that develops this unique system for obtaining scholarships for international students. This explains why we are the leading and most effective program internationally.
High level of exposure
More than 150 University Institutions participate in our program
Work and Professional Experience
International students can work within the Campus and obtain up to 700 USD per month, in the same way gain experience in the workplace. The OPT is a practical extension to the end of university studies and entitles any student to work legally for 1 year in the field of study that has been developed in the United States, which is an excellent way to recover the funds invested in their education

Process to obtain a SCHOLARSHIP in 8 steps

Step 1. Request information

The SIS team will inform you via email about the Showcase program. For this step please fill out our admission application which will be sent electronically, so we will know more about your goals to study in the United States.

Step 2. Interview

The SIS team will determine together with you and your family what are the personal objectives to achieve and will make a preliminary evaluation of your possibilities according to your academic, linguistic and sports profile. We will determine what are the best options for you, taking into account your objectives and the wide offer of American universities, in which there are a great variety of degrees, price, admission requirements and geographical destination. Together we will define your best option.

Step 3. Admission to the program and contract signature
If the interview has been positive, CONGRATULATIONS! You are eligible to our Program and we will send you the contract in which all our services, guarantees and payment plan are detailed. In this step the contract is signed, the first payment of registration and development of the online academic profile is made, which we will use to distribute it in our network of Participating Universities.
Step 4. Counseling and documentation process
We will advise you in the preparation of the documentation for the admission application in the universities that work with us. We will track your application until you get admission to the University of your choice after receiving your scholarship report
Step 5. Obtaining Scholarships
We will be sending you your personalized report, with the scholarship offers you have obtained during the showcase. Remember that Universities are the ones offering to our participants and based on this, our participants will decide which their best option is.
Step 6. Selection of the University
Once your scholarship report is received we will advise you to select your best choice . We will begin the admission process at this point .
Step 7. University admission
CONGRATULATIONS! You are admitted to the University, for which we will send you the i-20 Certificate so that you can process your F1 VISA at the American Embassy.
Step 8. Travel to your University

The SIS team wishes you much success in your trip to your University and we will be looking forward to your sports participation as well as your adaptation in the United States.



Flights Included


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Calle de Raimundo Fernández Villaverde nº 25, bajo central (Madrid-Spain)

Phone Number

+1 (618) 585-7014

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